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lock down new song

2009-11-25 16:05:31 by twickz

new song with MseeMercury hit me up and tell me if you like it or not


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2009-12-02 16:05:55


not bad mutha fucker haha

see u use my beat and it goes top

u got skillz man, fuck you need 2 get signed haha


twickz responds:

ahahah ya ima give you all the credit. if it wasnt for the beat i couldnt flow.. thanks again bro get at me wit another one im hungry as fuck


2009-12-03 21:06:13



2009-12-05 10:34:12

Hell yeah this shit is sick!


2009-12-05 14:10:14

dude make a youtube profile :O


2009-12-05 15:49:13

its the fucking shit


2009-12-05 17:47:21

omfg your songs made me cry so hard im thinkin bout my life so hard all da tings trublin me yo shits depressin man i jus wanna live my life u kno git money git cars git hoes but no shitz gotta be tuff n stuff but i jus wanna laff yo but shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiieeeeeet

no i cryin agen fuck men im so sadry rtight now y u gotta do dis yo im ur numba 1 fan man but y u gotta make me cry so FUK u man u a terrible artist u alwayts makin me cry aisjrfasfo kim done sayou hurt too much yoafdsd


2009-12-08 19:30:17

Tch. The other assholes on this page, their comments are shitty. They give you no self respect. I, I respect you man, alot. It's amazing that in 'neva gonna let you go', you still remembered the song in your dream. Damn, I can't even remember one of my dreams, and the lyrics go with the beat. I envy you man!